Small Higonokami

Part II of my Asian knives this week. Again, I don’t really consider this a review as much as just some talking notes about the knife.

The higonokami is a traditional Japanese folding knife. It is s friction folder with a one piece handle made of brass. The blade is some sort of high carbon steel and a hamon (temper) line is visible when held at an angle.


There is a large domed pivot that looks like a rivet. It can be a tad stiff to open the knife.


Speaking of opening, the knife is opened by using the thumb latch (?) connected to the blade. There is a hole on this lever. In some online reviews, this particular models supposedly sometimes comes with a bell. Mine did not.

There is a tad of writing on the handle. I do not have a translation for it.

For a good overview of the Higonokami, some history on them and information on current production, check out this British Blades forum post.

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