Midori MD Notebook Review

This is my first paper review so bear with me please.


Midori probably most famous for their Traveler’s Notebook series. They’re essentially a combination of a leather slipcover for replaceable notebook inserts. However, they produce a multitude of other great products, such as my Brass Pen Case. When I was looking for a journal, I considered Rhodia and Leuchtturm1917 among others, but I eventually settled on Midori, partially to test out their paper quality.


Dimensions: 8.3 in (length), 0.4 in (depth), 5.8 in (width)
Paper Size: A5
Pages: 88
Weight: 260g (9 oz)
Place of Manufacture: Japan
Price: $15.50 (retail)


The Midori MD is a bit different when compared to other journals in that it does not have a sturdy cover. Instead, Midori offers plastic, recycled paper, and leather options. The plastic is the cheapest coming in around ~$5 while the leather one is around ~$70. I have been using mine without a cover and the cardstock cover has been holding up quite well.


The journal comes in a plastic sleeve that has an adhesive flap. This makes taking the notebook out quite easy. Then, there is an additional layer of tissue paper on top of which is a blue half-sheet containing the name as well as some information on the journal.



The journal comes with a small sheet of stickers that can be affixed to personalize the journal.


The cover is almost blank with a small Midori logo embossed on the left hand side.

img_20160309_205823 copy

The first page of the journal features a title page with two lines. It is quite simple and the font is matching (*cough cough* Life notebooks) making for an attractive design.



The grid design is one that I have not seen before. The lines are not connect and, instead, they look more like a square “U” i.e. |_|.


The back features a bit of information (which I unfortunately cannot read).



As I am a frequent fountain pen user, having fountain pen ready paper was a necessity. The label showed no signs of feathering when I wrote the start date.


On the actual paper, the paper fared well with both pencil and pen. I have yet to find any complaints about the paper quality.





At this point, I love this journal. It features a simple design, the paper feels premium, and the price was acceptable. I will continue to update this review as I use it to provide a more comprehensive overview!

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