Platinum Century 3776 EF Review


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My Platinum Century 3776 is my daily driver for all my writing tasks. Whether I bring it to class, I clip it to my shirt when I’m all dressed up, it’s usually either in my bag or in my pocket. Sure the body has signs of wear due to all this carrying, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Here’s some words on my trusty fountain pen.


Dimensions: 120mm (length), 13mm (diameter)
Weight: 20g
Place of Manufacture: Japan
Price: $220 (retail), $70-100 (eBay, direct from Japan)


When I was picking out my next fountain pen,I had a Pilot Custom 74 in one hand and the Platinum in the other. These two pens are are very similar in many ways. They are of similar length, made of similar material, and both feature 14k nibs. However, there were a few small differences that made me choose the Platinum over the pilot.


The pen comes in a plastic snap box, housed in a white cardboard sleeve. The case feels appropriate for a pen of this price. It is sturdy and cushioned for the pen. The ribbon holding the pen is taut and it can be a bit difficult to put the pen back if you wanted (as I did for the pictures).

Fit and Finish


The pen body is made out of resin which I assume is an alternative (fancier/more accurate) name of the type of plastic that is used. The light weight can be a tad off-putting and the texture that it has can feel a bit cheap.

The pen has gold trim from top to bottom. The cap features a gold pocket clip and there is a gold band with the name of the pen around the bottom of the cap. Additionally, there are two more smaller gold bands on the main body of the pen.

The nib is rather large in comparison with the Pilot (this was one of the reasons I chose the Platinum). The gold content, Platinum “P” and “#3776” are engraved on the nib.

The pen supposedly comes with a “Slip and Seal” technology mechanism that is to keep the ink from drying out for up to 24 months. The spring and additionally plastic sleeve used in this technology is easily seen through the plastic cap.



I’m a student and this pen is exactly what I need it to be. I don’t need super flex or BB nibs. What I need is a pen that will work day in and day out. This is exactly that pen. The thin narrow line that it produces is not overly wet, though it starts every time.

The body is very prone to scratching. I don’t carry the pen in the same pocket as my keys, but scratches of all sizes have slowly appeared. The trim, however, does not seem to have chipped at all.


I have no regrets with this pen. Sure, it has an outdated appearance and can look a bit out of place. However, the way it performs and the feeling it has in my hand is… I can’t put it in words.


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