American Kami Stubby Spork Review


The spork is a combination of a fork and a spoon. It can be difficult to design the utensil to get both the utility of a fork and a spoon. If the fork prongs are too long, then the spoon cannot hold much liquid. If the spoon is too big, it will unwieldy. DJ Urbanovsky, from American Kami, has created what might be the beefiest spork on the market. But is this just a niche product, or is this a spork that everyone can appreciate?

This product was provided by EatingTools for review.


Place of Manufacture: USA
Length: 6.85 inches
Weight: 1oz (30g)
Material: 6AL4V Titanium
Price: $30 USD from EatingTools


The spork holds true to its name of being stubby. With an over all length of 5.25″ and handle length of 2.75″, the size of bowl is quite overbearing in comparison to the rest of the spork.

The spork is made of US aerospace and military scrap 6AL4V  titanium. It is 0.071″ thick, which gives it strength and heft.

The handle shape steps down before tapering into the bow. The connection between the handle and the bowl is abrupt, although there are no sharp edges.


The bowl itself is wide and deep. The tines are not too long and, as such, it has a higher fluid capacity compared to most sporks.

There are three other models of this spork created by American Kami. They all have longer handles, with some longer than others, and there is a variation on the handle that has a bottle opener.

Fit and Finish

The spork is handmade by DJ Urbanovsky, of American Kami, using dies. There are a few indications that the product is handmade. Some parts of the bowl in between the tines show stretching and compression, most obviously between the tines. Further, one of the middle tines is slightly longer than the other.


Along the edges of the spork, there is a coin-edge-like finish. It is not rough and adds a certain aesthetic to the spork.


The anodization is done by hand and, as such, there is some color variation between the handle and the bowl.

In the bowl itself, there is some really beautiful color depth in the anodization.



The spork does well in its intended purpose. The large bowl holds a large volume while not becoming cumbersome. The tines are dull and do not feel sharp at all. Overall, the eating experience is wonderful.


There are some other uses that will take advantage of the beefy build. I took the spork out to put it to some unconventional tasks and it fared quite well. It was easy to dig through top soil and even clay. I did not feel any bending. The tines encountered small roots and pebbles during this test.


I washed off the spork using a Scotch-Brite sponge. The stonewashed finish held up very well, with scratches blending into the finish and the anodization looking unchanged.


With its small size, the spork can easily be dropped into a pocket or thrown into a backpack without being obtrusive. While this model does not have any holes drilled into the handle for a lanyard, unlike other models, its size would have made a lanyard an annoyance for use.


DJ Urbanovsky has created an indestructible spork. However, it does not give up functionality with its heft. Instead, the large bowl and effective fork tines make eating meals a breeze. The short, stubby length is very convenient while still being useful. This spork will replace my Snow Peak Titanium Spork as my go-to eating tool and will certainly prove to be a useful companion.


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