Mitsubishi White Pencil Review


I initially saw this pencil online and thought nothing much of it. It’s so plain and simple and seems like one of those “souvenir” or “kids” pencils. However, after seeing guy in person, I knew I had to have it. It’s too bad I didn’t realize how amazing it is. It’s impossible to find them nowadays.*

*Do leave me a message if you know a source for them. You’ll be well rewarded. I promise.


Place of Manufacture: Japan (?)
Price: 30NTD (~$1)


I bought this pencil at a store in Taiwan called Plain (no affiliation: they have better pictures than I do). They weren’t individually packaged, although they did come with transparent pencil caps. I am not sure whether or not these came from Mitsubishi or if the store owner put them on himself.IMG_20160224_231152

In correspondence with a fellow pencil enthusiasts, I learned that the pencil was also produced in grey. Another spoke of how they also purchased one in Japan. I believe that the pencil was an Asia limited edition in 2014.

Fit and FinishIMG_20160224_231100

The pencil has great fit and finish. I cannot find any issue with the paint (albeit it is only white). The logo at the end of the pencil appears to be either foil or metallic paint. On my particular example, it seems like the logo might be wearing off a bit.

IMG_20160224_231018The pencil came pre-sharpened at a larger angle. The plastic pencil cap that protects the tip has created dents in the hexagonal body. I don’t believe I had capped/uncapped the pencil enough times to cause the damage myself, so it believe it was caused when the pencil cap was initially pushed on. I have since left the pencil uncapped.


The pencil is stated to be of hardness HB although my writing experience (as well as that of the owner of Plain) has found it to be closer to B. The tip does not wear quickly and, in many ways, it writes very similarly to the Hi-Uni.

I don’t write with it too often, but here’s a brief writing and erasing sample.



This pencil means a lot to me. It sparked a weird fetish of mine for white pencils and I continue to search for pencils of the sort. This is a pencil for the collection and it sits with my EF Blackwings in a nice padded box. Until I can find more, if possible, that’s where it’ll live.

5 thoughts on “Mitsubishi White Pencil Review

  1. Not sure how helpful this is, but the white pencil is Mitsubishi’s Mark Sheet. Model number UMSME3PHB1. There are a couple stores on Rakuten that sell them, and I’m sure other Japanese sources have them as well. I am unaware of any sources outside Japan, but admittedly I never looked. Tombow’s minimalist Mark Sheet is black, ACA-312 model. Both come in three packs. Both should be fantastic pencils.


      • Happy to help a little. I hate having to login to WordPress just to make a comment with my email address (they trap you with that), but your post came off as sincere and interested in the information. I am no expert, but just happened to know those particular models. No reward necessary.


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