Last edited: 12/31/2016

I consider myself an avid reader, although I often don’t have enough time to read. It is, however, a goal of mine to slowly build a library to envy. Perhaps not all of the most famous or the rarest of books, but just books that I enjoy. In that sense, this page might not be that interesting, unless you have similar tastes with me.

My Bukowski Collection (and wish list) can be found: here (WIP).

My Favorite Books

These books are more or less ranked, although they do fluctuate at times.

  1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s
    When I first read it, Breakfast at Tiffany’s didn’t really seem like the type of book I’d read. At the time, I was indulging myself in plenty of biographies. However, as my first work by Capote, I was thoroughlly impressed by how much I was caught up in the character of Holly Gotightly.
  2. Slaughterhouse-Five
  3. Fahrenheit 451
  4. Norwegian Wood
    A “classic” coming-of-age book, Norwegian Wood hit me, the first time I read it, with so many different emotions that I ended up not doing much in the hours after finishing the book. Murakami does a great job of storytelling, providing details without boredom.

Some Rare(-ish) Books

  1. The Art of Richard Feynman
    This book was published in 1995. It was written and editted by Michelle Feynman, Richard Feynman’s daughter. WorldCat knows of 89 copies in libraries, while editions on eBay occasionally come up for sale. My copy’s binding is a bit broken, although the pages do not fall out. I estimate the value of nicer copies to be around $250 and up, while one in my condition is probably closer to $150. AbeBooks link here.
  2.  The Thefts of Nick Velvet
    Surprisingly enough, I first read this book when you could find it in libraries, although most institutions seem to have purged them from their shelves. I purchased mine off of eBay. It is an ex-library copy and still has the library card pocket. I considered removing it, but I sort of like the nostalgia. I estimate the value of a nicer copy of the book to be about $50-$100, while mine is closer to $30. AbeBooks link: here.

Other books

While these books might not be my favorite, I still consider them worthy of acknowledgement.

  1. The Dog Stars